10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Posture (and One More Important Thing!)

Correct posture ensures good health, gives you confidence, and helps you look slimmer. However, despite all these benefits, most of us keep stooping, especially when sitting in front of the computer.

1. The greeting

2. The lock

3. Twists

4. Bends

5. The stand

6. The fall

1. Holding your abs

2. A special pose

3. Back weight

4. Chest weight

You should also remember:

Your posture depends not only on your muscles but on the condition of your teeth as well — including the occlusion. Exercises may be insufficient to get rid of a stoop. Pay attention to your dental occlusion, and consult your dentist to solve the problem under professional monitoring.

Do not forget about the importance of substantial vitamin and calcium intake, which will help you take care of your bones and muscles. Simple remedies can really improve your health.
The best recipes will contain:
Milk and dairy products
Fruits and veggies rich in magnesium and potassium
Whole grains and nuts
Foods rich in Omega-3