711 Million Emails Addresses Have Been Hacked, Check Here To Find Out If Yours Is Among Them

Are you aware that at this very moment a spambot machine lies hidden in the Netherlands run by unscrupulous hackers and contains two lists amounting to 711 million hacked email addresses from users worldwide? One list consist of emails only  for the purpose of future sale to those wanting to purchase data illegally through the means of the dark web and  the other list is so dangerous that it contains peoples passwords too. Read on if you want to check if you email is among them.

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The man who found out

In one of the biggest hacking episodes of internet history, 711 million hacked emails now lie as juicy property for the dark web. A security consultant who goes by the name of Benkow and living in Paris made the startling discovery. He has shared it with Troy Hunt who runs the website Have I been pawned” or HIBP. Hunt was the first recipient of Benkow’s information and has now worked out a search to help users find out if their email has been hacked.

All you need to do is go to HIBP or www.haveibeenpwned.com  and enter your email address in the search bar and you get your answer. If the answer is positive  then change your password immediately.

www.wheebuzz.com-711 million hacked emails

Change your password to stay safe

A total of 711 million hacked emails exist in this database and although Hunt and Benkow can’t afford to pursue the matter further except help people find out about their hacked emails, law enforcement agencies have been notified by the dangerous machine owned by spammers in Netherlands.

www.wheebuzz.com-711 million hacked emails

The only defense against such things is frequent changing of passwords and stop subscribing to unknown websites. What contributes to such collection of data are large-scale hacking incidents such as the Zomato food list episode where 17 million email addresses and user accounts were compromised in May 2017. In May 2016, Linked was attacked and hacked for 164 million user ids email address and passwords. In October 20126, Daily motion was hacked for 84 million email addresses and accounts. It all starts in such ways where Zomato accounts were put up for sale in the dark web. Hacked emails are nothing new but 711 million is a huge number. Change your email password right not to be safe.

www.wheebuzz.com-711 million emails hacked