9 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Having S*x

Whether it’s a dry spell, a conscious decision to remain celibate, or just a rough patch in your relationship, your body can experience some changes when you stop having s*x. But they may not be the changes you think will happen.

There are a lot of rumors that say you “become a virgin” again if it’s been too long since intimacy, but that simply isn’t true. If you’re pre-menopausal, your vaginal elasticity isn’t going to tighten up like crazy. That’s just a stupid myth.

There’s also a difference between lifelong celibacy and having s*x, then abstaining it for a while. You’re more prone to disappointment and depression if it’s a dry spell.

So what does happen to your body when you stop having s*x? Honestly, nothing life-threatening. But there are definitely some things to expect.

1. No, you’re not going to get “tighter”

Your “tightness” does not relate to the number of people you sleep with. It’s not like your hymen grows back after you stop having s*x for a bit. However, the tissues in your vagina might get out of the habit of relaxing when aroused. It may take a little longer to get aroused next time you have s*x. But don’t worry, they’ll definitely remember.

2. Men are more likely to have erectile dysfunction

These studies are more focused on older men, but there’s hard evidence that abstinence can increase the likelihood of ED. Regular sexual activity has nothing but positive effects on a man’s ability to get erections.

3. Your immune system becomes more vulnerable

Studies show that regular sexual activity can contribute positively to your immune system, so when stop having s*x, you lose those benefits. You can become more likely to get illnesses and infections. So not only are you NOT having s*x, you’re getting sick too.

4. Your sex drive might start declining

This one actually divides experts (s*xperts?) Some say that you need to keep up your sexual activity in order to maintain a high libido, kind of like stoking a fire. They believe when you stop having s*x, your body’s sexual desire will drop and become less responsive to arousal. Other experts say that your libido INCREASES, so it really just depends on the person.

5. You might become more stressed

Some studies show that people who have s*x less frequently have higher blood pressure when dealing with stressful situations. Lack of s*x could have a poor impact on your ability to cope with anxious moments.

6. Your heart health might suffer

There are strong links between a healthy s*x life and a strong heart. Both hormonal and aerobic benefits come from s*x, although there’s no real definitive answer on what happens to your heart after you stop having s*x. Although, if you’re the type of person who’s gonna take out your frustration at the gym, it may end up making your heart healthier.

7. You might take longer to get wet

It’s kind of like regular maintenance on a car. You need to keep things tuned up down there in order for them to start up when you need them. S*x health experts have pointed out that the process of getting “wet” benefits from the regular activity. If you stop for a bit, you may need some extra time to get going when you hop back into things.

8. Your risk of STIs and UTIs drop drastically

Okay, so this one seems pretty obvious. But it’s one of the positive side-effects of a dry spell. The STI part may seem pretty obvious, but since UTIs are generally caused by the transfer of bacteria to the urinary tract during s*x, you’re basically in the clear.

9. You’ll be less intelligent

Seriously. This is a thing. Scientists have legit proven that sexual activity boosts neuron growth in your brain. Abstinence, on the other hand, does nothing for your brain. “But I’m reading a lot more!” Ya, okay. That just means you’re bored. Obviously, you won’t LOSE intelligence, and there are other ways to promote brain growth, but s*x is probably the most fun way to do it.