After Finding The Receipt, Woman Savagely Humiliates Fiancé Online For Her Tiny Ring


You can’t always get what you want, but I suppose you can try…. Or  fiancé on blast anonymously? I’m not married myself, but I understand the desire to have a memorable ring to wear and think of your partner, but does it have to be about pricing?

For this woman, it definitely was. I probably would not include my name in this type of post either. I can be petty at times too, but this anon took it to the extreme! When she found out that her fiancé only spent $800 dollars on her engagement ring, she had a few things to say about it.

Clearly, this woman had done a lot of thinking and hoping as to what her future wedding ring would be. I suppose she was satisfied with it at first, but then she found the receipt. Literally.

She decided to take to the forum to explain that although she was delighted to be asked to wed, she has a few concerns as to why the ring wasn’t exactly correct for her. Keep on reading to see some of her points. Perhaps you will agree with her, and perhaps not.

1. You would think that most people would just accept the ring that they receive. Because you are marrying a person, and not a piece of jewelry. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.43.39 AM

2. The anonymous woman explained that ‘There’s nothing to dislike about the type of ring per se, as a diamond solitaire would have been my choice, but it’s the whole thing.

3. For starters she had issues with the color of the ring, the size of the stone and in her words the ‘relatively chunky shoulders.’

4. Then, when the anon found the receipt for the wedding ring, things took a turn for the worst. She was not too thrilled to say the least.

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