Dad Buys Old Doors For $10 And Transforms Them Into Gorgeous Pieces For The Home

In a tough economy, it’s difficult to purchase new furniture for your home, let alone works of art for your walls. Repurposed furniture and repurposed antiques make for an excellent addition to your interior decorations.

A dad purchased one of these doors for $10 and posted about it on Pinterest. The transformation added a great deal to their home, which kept us wondering what other possible uses there could be for repurposed doors in the home.

The following 16 photos feature some fantastic repurposed doors shared through Pinterestthat will spark some great ideas of what you can do with some of these old doors lying around.

1) After: Here, the door the dad repurposed showcases some fantastic, weathered looking art design and serves as a work of art. It adds a great deal of texture and esthetic to the wall that would otherwise have been left barren.

2) Gazebo: This delightful and rustic gazebo is made out of two old repurposed doors to function as a structure that would work great at a wedding, in a backyard, or even just in a garden somewhere. What a great use of an old material like that.

3) Light Fixture: Someone took this old door and transformed it into a striking light fixture inside this country-style kitchen. Some vintage-looking lamps added to this frame, making it a great statement piece.

4) Bookshelf: Here, a carpenter has taken the wooden inserts from the door frame, and popped them horizontally to create shelves. The new shelves are cut in such a way to allow the door to lean against the wall naturally. This is such a fantastic idea for any home, not to mention a creative way to add shelving to your living space.