Egg Slicer’s Can Cut More Than Just Eggs: Life Hacks

For all the wondrous knowledge the internet has brought the human race over the years, one thing has always eluded us. What else can an egg slicer cut? Well, thanks to Dave Hax, a tremendously popular Youtuber, now we know.
In his January 13th upload, Dave released the second in a series of three videos detailing what egg slicers can do in the right hands. It’s not just for eggs anymore, at least not when Dave gets a hold of it. He uses it to slice butter into perfect pats that can be used on steaks, pancakes or (as he shows us later) thrown into frying pans for the perfect amount of grease.

He also uses the slicer to chop a zucchini (which, hailing from England, he calls a courgette), boiled potatoes and a hot dog and throws them together to make a quick and easy meal. The final touch is some crumbling feta cheese that is usually hard to get into perfect pieces.

While the meal looks delicious, it’s just the latest in a growing trend of videos pitting destructive tools against random objects. “Will It Blend”, “Hydraulic Press”, and “1000 Degree Knife VS” should all be proud to welcome “What Else Can It Cut?” into the group.
In fact, in the third and final egg slicer video, Dave challenges the hot knife to a showdown. This time heating the slicer to 1000 degrees, before realizing that it doesn’t work as well. Dave jumps on the hot-knife bandwagon by doing his own experiments with a red-hot kitchen knife.

If you’re saying “what’s the big deal with an egg slicer anyway?”, you’re not alone. Though the idea seems simplistic, something about Dave’s narration and the player-piano soundtrack makes for an enjoyable watch.

It must, as the video currently has over 12.5 million views and 11,000 comments. Dave’s channel overall is up to 738 million views, and his subscriber base is as strong as ever with over 2.7 million. His channel is full of easy life-hacks and tips for making your day to day struggles a little bit easier.