Five vegan foods that have more protein than beef that will help you build muscle.I’ve been a vegan for over 11 years and the plant-based diet has changed my life in all kinds of ways.Beef generally has about seven grams of protein per ounce so these vegan foods have more protein than beef per ounce.

The first one is what I call the magical green powder.Spirulina is a badass.Just one teaspoon gives you four grams of protein.One teaspoon four grams of protein, but more so, spirulina is packed full off magnesium as well so it’s going to help you reduce your cortisol levels.

When building muscle you got to be eating spirulina or drinking a smoothie filled with spirulina every single day.That’s right, no excuses.

Number two is hemp seeds.Two tablespoons of hemp seeds contain 10 grams of protein.Hemp seeds give you a complete source of protein.So go to Whole Foods and buy lots of hemp.Also got the omega-3.

Number three is spinach.Your leafy greens.You can even take green beans that has a lot of loose in and leucine is going to help you build protein essential for muscle growth.One cup of spinach gives you five grams of protein so you can just have like three cups every day and you’ll be fine.

Number four is broccoli.30 calories of broccoli give you 4.5 grams of protein.Broccoli are one of the best vegetables for fighting cancer.Packed full of antioxidants going to keep you young.

Don’t worry about it, number five is almond butter.That has seven grams per ounce.Almonds are a fantastic source of protein.So once again in building muscle mass go for those kinds of foods but also realize it’s not just the food, you got to be exercising.Aerobic exercise, whether you’re swimming whether you’re walking really fast, yoga.This is what builds the muscle mass.