NYC Subway Photo Shows The Best Side Of America, Goes Viral And Warms The Hearts Of Millions

This past 4th of July was a time to reflect on what defines America. Some people looked around and counted their blessings as family, health and the privileges they enjoy living in a country full of opportunity. Others were more critical, but always with the intention of making the country a better place.

Some people, like Rachel MacKnight, took a look around and noticed the diversity of her community. The actress, based on NYC, posted a photo on July 2 while taking the C-train and captioned it with “Thiiiiiis is what makes America great. Happy 4th of July, y’all.”

The picture shows two families from diverse backgrounds smiling at each other. The most heartwarming part is the reaction of the children, and the way their parents look at them lovingly. This particular moment is what melted the hearts of the millions of people who read about the story.

The picture has been shared over 18,000 times on Twitter and news outlets all over the world have picked it up. People from all over the world shared their own stories, and reminded everyone of other similar moments or simply commented on what the picture meant to them. Other users highlighted that moments like this shouldn’t be surprising, but commonplace in a diverse country like America.

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