Pregnancy myths which we believe in

Pregnancy is the most exciting, amazing yet a very challenging period of a woman’s life. The body undergoes many changes during that time and the hormonal level is also changing which impacts the moods and overall well-being of a woman. Thus there are various myths associated with this time of a woman’s life.

Time to eat for 2


There is no wonder that giving birth to another human being is the most challenging task for a woman but this does not mean that she has to continuously hog. In fact nutritionists from the Institute of Medicine in the US claim that if a woman is able to maintain her weight during pregnancy there is no need to increase her diet unnecessarily. It is recommended to add 340 calories during the second trimester and 450 calories during the third trimester per day. It is also important to remember to eat healthy rather than eat everything.

Pregnancy makes a woman stupid


During pregnancy a lot of changes are occurring in the hormonal level which makes a woman more emotional and sensitive. Many woman discover their new talents during pregnancy. Some end up painting amazing pictures like Luo Qianxi, write children’s books or even become businesswoman. Also many actresses tend to carry out their acting jobs and amaze us pretty well by their efforts. The phenomenon of “momnesia” is also said to exist.

Ultrasound can hurt the baby


Many doctors recommend that woman which have normal fetal development should get ultrasound done thrice during the pregnancy. The check-up should be done on a regular basis since the health of the mother and the child is at risk. Ultrasound imaging only uses high-frequency sound waves thus there is no risk of ionizing radiation exposure. This can help the doctors to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, help to determine possible pathologies of the fetus and provide timely treatment to both the mother and the baby.

Giving birth before 30 is good


Even at 30 if a woman is able to take care of herself through proper diet, enough exercise and undergoes regular checkups the risk of having a complicated pregnancy is not higher when compared to a 20 year old mother to be. This is because the pathologies of the fetus and the challenges of pregnancy are more related to the state of the body rather than the biological age. Due to the development is the field of medicine it is now possible to detect any problems at the earliest stage therefore women can plan and physically ready for it.

Although many doctors believe that the ideal age for the birth of first child is 20- 30 years old but according to a research carried out by Dr. John Mirowski from Texas the ideal age for child birth is 34 years old.

Craving salty food during pregnancy


The body of the pregnant woman might continuously hint at the fact that it lacks certain nutrients and minerals in some unexpected ways. For instance many pregnant women might feel the need to consume a piece of chalk or a handful of ash. These cravings can be associated with the hormonal changes as well as just a desire to treat your own self during pregnancy. There might be cravings for both sweet and salty foods but chocolate remains the most famous craving during pregnancy.

All physical activity is banned during pregnancy


If there are no health problems experienced by the woman during pregnancy so regular exercise is important for a pregnant woman. This not only helps the mother to stay in a good shape but it is also beneficial for the development of the fetus and the actual process of childbirth. The muscles and tendons of a women become more elastic during pregnancy naturally. But it is important to consult a doctor or an experienced fitness trainer in order to determine the intensity of the workout.

Sexual activity can harm the baby


Sexual activity during pregnancy has been associated with being dangerous for the mother and the baby. But if a mother does not experience any discomfort sexual activity is harmless. In fact is quite beneficial for the future mother to carry out a sexual intercourse as it can help to strengthen the pelvic muscle and also help her feel positive. But the emotional state of the future mother should be kept in mind before carrying out any sexual activity.