The Complete Journey Of Child In Mother’s Womb – Stages Of Pregnancy

The mother – child relation is the most pure relation in this world. It’s a special bond that can not be broken, and the time spent it the womb is what makes it so special. If you’re a newly-expecting mother you’re probably wondering what happens inside of you during these amazing 9 months, how your baby is formed when can it hear you, feel you, when can you feel it! Below you can find all of the stages of development and everything that happens while you’re expecting that special moment, month by month. We know you can’t wait to see your baby for the first time, touch its little hands and feet, hear its voice, but enjoy these months as they are just as special!

Month #1

Month #2

Month #3

Month #4


Month #5

 Month #6

Month #7

Month #8

Month #9


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