This Is How The Definition Of ‘Beautiful’ And ‘$exy’ Varies Around The World

These exclamations about the beauty of different people are possessed in the eyes of a beholder. Everybody’s definition of being hot or beautiful varies. Here, we have a variety of collection of what people refer to as beautiful or sexy in different parts of the world.

1. Crooked Teeth- Japan (Yaeba)

Yaeba is the art of purposely giving yourself crooked teeth because it makes a girl look more cute and young. It is increasingly becoming popular.

2. Ear Stretching- Africa

 The earlobes are gradually stretched out using heavy jewelry or stones. It being the largest and the longest signifies that the person has been stayed in the tribe.

3. V-Line Jaw- Korea

It is considered the most beautiful face shape in Korea, for which surgeries, as well as products are available to trim down your jaw.

4. Lip Plates- Africa

It is considered as a measure of beauty among certain African and Amazonian tribes. When a girl reaches puberty her two bottom teeth are removed. A clay or a wooden plate is inserted into the hole then and gradually replaced with larger plates with the age. This practice makes the woman more desirable.

5. Big Booties- North America

The trend of Big Butts was started with Kim Kardashian and it continued with Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and few others. They kind of set the standards of what a sexy butt should look alike.

6. Bound Feet- China

Foot Binding system comprised of a custom of applying tight binding to the feet of young girls to prevent further growth of bones. It was a reflection of status and also signified woman being dependent on the man. It sometimes led to infection, but binding of the feet was necessary to get married.

7. Gyaru- Japan

Gyaru describes the fashion and glamor reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot with tanned skin and blonde hair. The look consists of colorful hairdos, fake eyelashes, dark eyeliner and dramatic makeup. Many stores in Japan also sell tools to transform into a Gyaru look.

8. Au Naturel- France

As the name explains, it reflects natural beauty i.e wearing no makeup. Instead, they focus more on lotions and creams to make their skin beautiful and smooth.

Also, the women choose not to get their armpits waxed and stay away from perfume.

9. Eyes- Middle Eastern Countries

Since the eyes reflect your soul, they are considered to be the prettiest feature. Women in Middle Eastern Countries spend a lot to make their eyes beautiful. Especially in Saudi Arabia, where women are mostly covered, decorating the eyes gives them self-confidence.

But what I think “modifiers” should not be considered as a part of your beauty, everybody should be left with the choice what they want out of themselves.

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