Weather Experts Predict This Winter Is Going to Be Extra Brutal

We’ve seen some unusual weather this past month. Summer decided to make a late appearance and has a lot of us wondering if we’ll be wearing sweaters anytime soon. Worry not, winter is on its way and it doesn’t appear to be making a quiet entrance either. Meteorologists are predicting an above-average snowfall will fall on the Northeast in droves, bringing with it sub-zero temperatures that will chill the plains to a freezing -30℉.

Both the New York City and Boston areas may also see an additional 6 inches of snow this season, so you may want to splurge on a new snow shovel, a winter jacket, or even a slopeside trip. According to AccuWeather’s Lead Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok, “This year is going to bring a good ski season in the Northeast […] And around the holidays we should have some snow for the interior Northeast.”

The Farmer’s Almanac predicted similar weather patterns for New England in its August announcement of this year’s forecast. The guide has a 200-year-old formula which anticipates that the Atlantic seaboard will receive heavy storms between the days of January 20-23; February 4-7 and 16-19; and March 1-3.

The Midwest, which is known for its brutal winter weather, the plains region, as well as the Great Lakes areas can expect particularly freezing temperatures moving into the new year. Pastelok has also predicted regular sub-zero reading that includes the spine-chilling negative 30 weather.

Pastelok believes that the Dakotas will likely see less snow, however, the Rockies should expect a hefty amount. This means that ski season will be full-throttle and skiers will have little problem in the snow department.

Skiers have a weak La Nina, an ocean-atmosphere phenomenon associated with colder temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, to thank for their slopes. As for the West Coast, both AccuWeather, as well as the Farmer’s Almanac, predict a mild, but relatively dry winter. However, they differ on their expectations of the weather for Southern states.

Pastelok predicts that the Southeast will be comfortably warm and stay relatively dry, while the Almanac believes that the reverse will take place. Nevertheless, Atlanta certainly seems to be in a much better position than Bismarck at the moment.