Young woman celebrates life one year after a pacemaker that was supposed to save her nearly killed her

The day had finally come, Mikayla Grace was scheduled to receive her first pacemaker. It was one of many life-saving surgeries for the now almost 22-year-old. “It was supposed to help save my life and instead did the complete opposite,” she wrote on Facebook.

In September 2016 she received her first pacemaker.

(Facebook/Mikayla Grace)

In a post she shared on her Facebook reflecting on the year that had gone by since she nearly lost her life, Mikayla detailed the scary ordeal.

Her health problems started when she was 16 years old and only got worse. When she was in her early 20s, doctors determined one of the many surgeries she would need to help her heart was the implantation of a pacemaker.

She received the pacemaker in September 2016 and after spending a week in the hospital recovering from “multiple surgeries,” she was able to go home. She seemed to be recovering as well as expected until she started to experience pain where her pacemaker was.

“Within 2 days I was disabled 100%,” Mikayla wrote on Facebook. “Unable to move, eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. I couldn’t speak right either, every word I’d try to say would come out a completely different, unrelated word. I laid there for days and part of me knew i was dying.”

Mikayla was taken to the hospital where she was “nearly unresponsive and hanging on by a thread.”

(Facebook/Mikayla Grace)

She was brought to the hospital and stayed there for several days until being transferred to another hospital where doctors discovered she suffered a rare complication from the surgery. She had acquired a staph infection. The heart valve that had been surgically implanted was infected.

“What was supposed to save me almost killed me.”

Doctors worked quickly to removed the infected pacemaker. Unfortunately that only brought about another problem, septic pulmonary embolism. Her body rapidly started to fail her and within 48 hours she gained 40 pounds of fluid.

Her pacemaker was taken out, but her problems were far from over.

(Facebook/Mikayla Grace)

Just when Mikayla’s condition started to improve she started getting a fever. She wrote that her doctors felt as if there was nothing more they could do to help her.

“They’d come into my room, looking defeated, not even able to promise things would get better,” she wrote. “So they crossed their fingers and prayed.”

Both Mikayla and her doctors were at a loss, and Mikayla just wanted to go home.

(Facebook/Mikayla Grace)

Knowing that there was little they could do for Mikayla her doctors agreed that she could go home. After another surgery, which allowed her to receive treatment at home, she was finally allowed to go home.

“I soaked up every bit of Christmas as I could and time with my family and friends! From then on, the most important thing to me was to LIVE my life and do things that made me happy!”

After 6 months of fighting “one severe medical event after another” she was ready to live her life.

(Facebook/Mikayla Grace)

Although she is not cured—Mikayla suffers from “multiple severe, lifelong autoimmune diseases” and her heart is still not completely better—she survived and is now working hard at thriving.

She wrote that finally after nine “long, torturous months” she has a pacemaker, and three months after receiving it she’s yet to have a problem with it, proving the doctors, who believed she’d get endocarditis again and not survive, wrong.

“Even when I feel I can’t take anymore pain and suffering, I still manage to do it. One day after another. And that alone shows me I have so much strength, that I didn’t even know was there.”

Mikayla got a tattoo as a reminder of what she went through.

(Facebook/Mikayla Grace)

“Not today”

(Facebook/Mikayla Grace)