How to send direct message on Instagram from computer

How to send direct message on Instagram from computer

Via Instagram you can not only publish photos, but also chat with other users via messages. We all know how to send direct messages from our Instagram app. But How to send direct message on Instagram from computer?

You can open the photo community via the browser. The functionality is limited. For example, you can not send messages directly, for example. Nevertheless, you can chat via Instagram with a PC on Instagram.

How to send direct message from Windows 10

Windows 10 users have it the easiest: For the DM chat you do not need to open the platform in the browser. Installs Instagram’s Windows 10 desktop app instead. After opening you can as usual also from the mobile app via the icon direct messages send and read received messages.

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How to Direct Message on Instagram from PC

Even without Windows 10 you get the chat on the PC, but must do some preliminary work. This requires an Android emulator . This leaves the Android App of Instagram with all the features synonymous on the PC to run. It does not matter if you usually use Instagram on the Android smartphone or iPhone. Prerequisite is only an Instagram account and a Google access. If the Google account does not exist, you can create it for the emulator:

  • For example, the ” BlueStacks Player ” is suitable for the purpose . Other Android emulators are ” Andy ” or the Nox App Player.
  • Install BlueStacks and start the program.
  • After starting, follow the instructions to sign up for the Google Play Store account.
  • You can use the search function to download the Instagram app for the PC.
  • Log into Instagram with your usual access data.
  • The app offers the same functionality as on the smartphone. So steer the “Direct Messages” on the usual way. You can use the arrow symbol to search for chat partners or to retrieve and continue already started chat profiles from Instagram on the PC.

It remains to be seen whether one retrofits on Instagram and, for example, as with WhatsApp Web also unlocks a chat feature for the browser. Until then you have to use the path via the Windows 10 app or the Android emulator.

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how to see who unfollowed me on Instagram

how to see who unfollowed me on Instagram

Can one see on Instagram, if another user “unfollowed” their own account? Anyone who has developed a certain number of fans, of course, wants to see if the followers remain loyal. That’s why there are special apps that can be used to track an unfollow.

The popular photo app is not much more than a hobby for not so few people. If you have enough fans and followers , you can become an influencer and earn money. That’s why it makes sense to observe the follow-and-unfollow behavior of the followers. In this way, you may be able to find out why a follower suddenly stops following you. But can you actually see a unfollow on Instagram?

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If you have a very high-reach account, you can use the Insights feature to get information about your followers.

who unfollowed me on instagram

There are several websites on the net that are designed to watch the follow-up of Instagram followers. These include or

Instagram explicitly prohibits the tracking of followers or similar measures in its terms and conditions. Websites that offer this as well as corresponding third party apps have been banned from updating in 2017 .

Therefore, one can not currently see automatically or track who has escaped one. Apps that allowed Unfollows to be watched worked before the security update. In the meantime, however, this is no longer possible: Instagram simply does not want apps from third-party providers to tap unauthorized user data. Although the apps for monitoring are still available in the app stores, to the best of our knowledge none of them currently work. If you find one, you have to assume that it will soon be blocked by Instagram.

Instagram: See Private Profile with Viewer – is that possible?

instagram private profile viewer

Instagram offers the possibility to create private profiles that only selected users can see. Often these accounts are especially interesting. If you still can see them with the “Instagram Private Profile Viewer” and open their photos, you can find out here.

Most Instagram profiles are public and anyone can view them without needing special permission. But then there are the private profiles, the photos of which you can only see if you make a request and will be unlocked. Several apps and websites with names like “Instagram Private Profile Viewer” promise you that you will get the pictures of these profiles unnoticed, without the owner noticing. But is that true – or is it even dangerous?

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Can you hack private Instagram accounts with a trick

No, you can not! Private Instagram accounts are safe and there is no way other than an invitation to get these pictures. But even worse, the apps that promise you an ” Instagram Private Profile Viewer ” claiming you can see the locked images are often Trojans or dropouts .

How can you see the pictures in a private Instagram profile?

Usually you can see and even comment on Instagram pictures without having to know or follow someone. This is different with the private profiles: you can not even “follow” them if the owner does not want them.

In this case, only one thing helps: If you want to see a private Instagram profile, you have to make a “friend request”. You go to the private profile and see that the pictures are only visible for “approved followers”. Then type / click on the button “Follow” and then wait.

The owner of the account will receive a notification and can decide if he gives you access to his private account. Only then can you see the pictures and comments in a private Instagram account.

The scandal around Facebook has hit the waves on the internet. Many users want to sign out of Facebook and other social networks. What do you think about this subject? Did the Facebook scandal affect your social media usage?

Instagram: Account locked? That should be done

Instagram Account locked

To share and view pictures in the Instagram social media app you need an account. In some cases, it may happen that the Instagram account is blocked.

This occurs especially if the conditions of use have been violated. If the account is suspended, that does not necessarily mean the end of social media life.

Instagram account suspended: reasons and causes

As a rule, a lock takes 24 hours . After this period you can access your profile again. However, you should understand the access lock as a warning shot. If you repeatedly violate the Terms of Use, the suspension may take longer and may even be imposed for life. In the time you have no other choice but to wait until the account was unlocked. Only if you can prove that your account has been blocked for no good reason, you can appeal. Reasons for blocking can be, for example:

  • Upload images with inappropriate content, such as nude photos or violent content photos
  • Copyright infringement by uploading images that are not yours
  • Misconduct in comments, for example insults or crimes
  • Using bots, for example for many likes and comments within a short time
  • Fake profiles

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Other reasons can be found in the terms of use of Instagram.

Instagram: Account locked? So you can restore him

If you are firmly convinced that you have not violated the community standards, you can appeal the account ban:

  • You will be notified after the login attempt that your account has been blocked.
  • Here you can click on ” More “.
  • The option ” insert appeal ” appears.
  • In the form you must indicate that you did not violate community guidelines and the account was wrongly blocked .
  • After submitting the form your case will be checked. However, the processing may take several days.

Has your account been wrongfully blocked? What has happened? Could you be unlocked again or is the problem still there? Post it in our comments!

There are countless social networks on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. We want to know how often you use the different networks!

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Instagram action blocked – what to do?

Instagram action blocked

You’ll get the message “Action blocked” on Instagram if you give too many likes too fast. This includes comments and other actions. We explain what you have to pay attention to, so that the message does not appear.

instagram action blocked fix

Instagram: action blocked – why?

Instagram will lock your account if you artificially perform many actions according to Terms of Use and Community Policies. This includes:

  • Artificially many likes.
  • Collecting artificially many subscribers or many shared content.
  • The repeated sharing of the same comment or the posting of always the same content.
  • Repeated contact with people for commercial purposes, without their consent.

Then there is the suspicion for Instagram that behind your account, no real human behavior hides, but the account was created for a specific (marketing) purpose. The behavior is simply too artificial or suspects a bot .

Instagram: “Block action” message

Follow these recommendations to avoid the Instagram message “Action Blocked”. They come from the developers of the plugin Elfsight :

  • Like-Limit: Not more than one Like every 28-36 seconds. A maximum of 1000 likes every 24 hours.
  • New People Limit: No more than one Like every 28-36 seconds and no more than 2000 followers every 24 hour. A maximum of 1000 followers every 24 hours.
  • Unfollow Limit: Not more than one unfollow every 12-22 seconds. Maximum 1000 unfollows every 24 hours.
  • Comment Limit: Not more than 12-14 comments per hour. Between the comments must be a time interval of 350-400 seconds.
  • Mention Limit: A maximum of 5 mentions per message within an interval of 350-450 seconds.
  • Publishing pictures: You should not publish more than 2-3 pictures per day on a new Instagram account. For older accounts, there are 9-12 pictures per day.
  • General action: Do not perform any further action for at least 36-48 seconds. No more than 500 actions within 24 hours.

These recommendations are especially for new accounts. If you’ve been active on Instagram for a while and have followers of your own, Instagram trusts you more.

Remove the blockage

Stop every action and wait about 3 hours. Under certain circumstances, the error message also shows you how long the blockage has lasted. Otherwise, it can take up to a week. If you still see the message, contact Instagram Support .

Keep in mind that these are recommendations. Instagram changes its policies at specific intervals.

There are countless social networks on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. We want to know how often you use the different networks!

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How does WhatsApp work? – Easily explained

How does WhatsApp work

WhatsApp on smartphones today is what used to be the messenger ICQ for computers and has completely replaced SMS for many users. That’s because the messenger is free. He can do much more. We’ll show you how WhatsApp works.

How does WhatsApp work?

  • You are installing WhatsApp on your smartphone (or tablet with SIM). The service is basically free (also international) and available for Android, iOS (iPhone), Windows (Phone) and Blackberry.
  • After installation, the service sends an SMS to your specified mobile number to confirm ( verify ).
  • WhatsApp automatically detects who is using WhatsApp under your contacts and displays them in a contact list. With people who do not have WhatsApp, you can not communicate via WhatsApp and, for example, have to write a text message.
  • Touch a contact to open the associated chat . You can now start writing on it.
  • In a chat you tap at the top of the paper clip icon to select and send pictures , music , videos , documents or contact information.
  • You can also create a WhatsApp group .
  • You can use the calls tab to make calls to your contacts. Unless you or your opposite but not are in your wireless network, but can fees incurred .
  • In the Status tab , similar to Facebook, WhatsApp provides status updates with pictures and videos that can then be used to view and comment on other contacts.
  • If your mobile device has Wi-Fi coverage or you have a mobile Internet connection, WhatsApp automatically displays if you have a message written to one of your contacts .

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Note: If your smartphone is not connected to the internet, you will see the messages sent to you during the time when you reconnect.

Advantages of WhatsApp over the SMS

News & Costs: Since WhatsApp is free, you can send as many messages as you like.

Cost per SMS

Picture and video shipping: Messages are sent via Wi-Fi. This also allows you to send photos, videos and other media.

Only text. No media.

Group chats: With WhatsApp users can also talk in groups.

No groups. Same SMS must be sent to multiple contacts.

How does WhatsApp work technically?

How does WhatsApp work technically

WhatsApp is always active in the background , but do not worry, it consumes almost no battery power . After starting the phone and the first set-up of WhatsApp, the app logs on to the servers of the service via the Internet connection of the smartphone.

If a message or an image is sent, this does not happen via the control channel of the radio signal, as with the SMS, but the data is sent via the Internet . If there is a connection to the mobile internet then the data will be sent over it.

How and where to download WhatsApp?

How and where to download WhatsApp

You can download WhatsApp for Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone. The necessary app can be downloaded from the official stores and from the operator website. For example, in the Google Play Store (Android), you search for “WhatsApp” and confirm the installation. After the download your WhatsApp starts over the new displayed icon.

The download of the program file for Android, Symbian and Blackberry is also available via the official website of WhatsApp. It downloads the program package, and after the confirmation of the finished download can be seen on the display, this package can be opened and installed.

Is WhatsApp like Chatting at ICQ and Co.?

Is WhatsApp like Chatting at ICQ and Co.?

Yes, WhatsApp is like chatting, except that you do not have to sign up for a program anymore to be online. Online activity is also not being used as actively as in messenger services. Anyone can be contacted at any time, as long as the Internet connection exists.

So WhatsApp is like a chat client, except that the recipient is bound to a phone number and will only receive messages on one device.

Which WhatsApp alternatives are there?

Threema is one of the best-known WhatsApp alternatives. But there is also the open source app signal. Other alternatives can be found here.

Why is WhatsApp free? And why is no advertisement displayed?

Why is WhatsApp free? And why is no advertisement displayed?

WhatsApp used to cost around one euro. After the takeover by Facebook , the service was free but also international. Exceptions exist if you are not logged in to a Wi-Fi network. Then the messenger consumes certain amounts of data, which consume your Internet data volume, which you have booked with your mobile phone provider.

The former developers and Facebook have so far decided against advertising in WhatsApp. But that does not have to stay that way: it’s quite likely that WhatsApp will soon be displaying personalized ads on their smartphones.

Are you using WhatsApp status?

With WhatsApp status, pictures and videos can be shared with friends 24 hours a day. After that they will be deleted automatically. We want to know: Do you use this function?

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Modern Strike Online Hack Cheats Unlimited Gold & Credits

Modern Strike Online Hack

Modern Strike Online Hack – Free and unlimited Gold and Credits for Android and iPhone.

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Modern Strike Online – Application Description

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the sims mobile hack android & ios cheats unlimited simoleons

the sims mobile hack

The Sims Mobile hack helps you have more fun in the game! Get free SimCash and Simoleon, save a lot of money and buy every item in the game you want.

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the sims mobile hack proof

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Other Sims Mobile cheats, hacks and generator

You do not want to hack the game but are looking for other ways to get Simoleon or SimCash? In addition to the Sims Mobile hack apk, you can also find other cheats, tips, tricks and tutorials on our site .

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