Best WhatsApp Alternative apps For Your Smartphone

WhatsApp is the most used messenger worldwide, but that doesn’t make it the best. One of the most popular messaging apps out there that is owned by Facebook, is WhatsApp. This means they are always adding better things so they can stay ahead of everyone else. But after all, everyone likes other things differently. Some people may not like how WhatsApp operates from both inside and outside. Let me just mention that Meta as owner now collects a lot of data on your device on WhatsApp, which was formerly owned by now company Meta. So now it’s time to find other options than seven good messaging apps that can take the place of WhatsApp in 2024.

Here are the 7 best Whatsapp alternatives:



This messaging app, Telegram, ranks among the ten most popular globally and is gaining popularity in the USA. Similarly, there are pros and cons for a Russia-based application when compared to WhatsApp.

  • Independent of platform:  WhatsApp works on a limited number of mobile operating systems and requires a smartphone to use on a computer. In contrast, Telegram is available on more operating systems and can also be used in a web browser.
  • More functionality: Some features of Telegram are not available with WhatsApp. Some of them are the “bots” who can do a lot of tasks, or “secret chats”.
  • Telephony Security: By default, end-to-end encryption is enabled for calls with telegrams, so your calls remain anonymous.
  • Uncertainty in chat: Unlike WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption is not enabled by default in the chat feature. Likewise, this encryption is not activated in group chats.
  • Cloud-based system: WhatsApp once deleted data can not be downloaded again, with Telegram (similar to Facebook) everything is stored on the Telegram servers. For example, if you have deleted a video received in a group, you can download it again. While this is an advantage, it raises safety concerns.



For the sake of privacy lovers, the best choice will be signal. 

And guess what? Best of all, Signal will not cost you anything to use. SMS, voice, video calls plus conferences are also available on it. The users who like their chats disappearing after reading may as well do that trick. 

Interestingly enough, Signal uses the same encryption as WhatsApp without a link to Facebook. Security is taken seriously by them because they routinely audit their software to ensure it remains safe. Additionally, they have maintained simplicity in the website making it easy for a person who is not technology savvy such as your aunt or uncle.

Who’s behind Signal? A non-profit organization under the leadership of Moxie Marlinspike, a renowned cryptography expert, and Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp who quit Facebook in 2017 runs it. Ready to try? Signal is available for download on Android and IOS.

  • Security: Signal advertises security and encryption within the messenger. Various encryption methods make your messages readable only to you and your chat partner.
  • Functionality: Almost all WhatsApp features are also available here. You would not miss certain features when switching.
  • Number of users: Unfortunately, the app is not yet widespread, so the number of users is quite low. However, if your privacy is important to a particular chat partner, it’s still worth trying the app.
  • Platforms: Like WhatsApp, the app is only available on mobile devices with a phone number. Although there is a desktop app, this is also available only when actively connected to your smartphone.



Kik is an application that exceeds simple messaging and has a social aspect of meeting new people. In addition, if you would like to communicate with people beyond staying in touch with your family and friends, Kik will not disappoint. It is like TikTok, but there you can just go into the live broadcast, watch, and chat with several other users at once.

Do you need to take your family and friends online? Easy. You only need to share a QR from your profile for them they join the chat immediately. Available for free on both iPhone and Android, please be cautioned that it comes with ads. In case you value your privacy, do not worry; using your email will be enough while keeping your phone number private. 

  • Privacy: Not everyone who has your phone number saved in contacts can write you a message. For this, the Kik user name has to be known.
  • Features: Also in this app groups can be joined. These then run again not on the phone numbers, but are found on hashtags and are accordingly public.
  • Login: You simply log in with a username and password – making the transition to a new mobile phone easier but not necessarily safer.



Viber is another leading messenger and VoIP application competing with WhatsApp with regard to functionality. What sets it apart? First of all, Viber encrypts your phone calls/messages and any data you share. Even messages stored on several devices are encrypted, which is something that WhatsApp does not have. Moreover, Viber allows one person to use it on many devices while WhatsApp is not able to do this.

Viber allows for video as well as voice calls that are similar to those of WhatsApp. However, Viber goes a step further introducing its Viber Out option for calling non-users outside at competitive prices.

Viber offers stickers, file sharing, last seen status, and voice and video messages under their messaging department as well as other features such as public accounts and back up to Google Drive. Moreover, there is a stickers shop and live games in Viber itself – that is, on-site games within Viber. A closer examination will reveal that Viber is pretty much as good as (and slightly better than) WhatsApp in terms of functionality.

  • Functionality: Viber is a very feature-rich app and offers similar features as WhatsApp and Co.
  • Platforms: Even Viber can be installed on many different platforms, but the first registration is on a mobile device.



Most messaging apps are free of charge although Threema charges you $5 (available for iPhone, Android, and web browser). However, you obtain the best of end-to-end encryption for a wide range of services including voice, video, and text message communications with secure document transfers. It stands out because you don’t have to create an account by submitting your phone number and you can remain anonymous. Additionally, Threema is armed with extra features such as conducting polls and forming surveys, and a simple natural language-based image search option.

  • Security: With multiple encryptions and no metadata and contacts storage, Threema is one of the best apps when it comes to security. Local backups are also encrypted.
  • Use The app can be used without a phone number and can also be called up via the desktop version.
  • Price: For these security features, you pay 5 dollars on an Android device and 3.49 euros on an iPhone. However, if you rely heavily on encryption then you should consider buying the app.



Over the years, Skype, which is a platform under Microsoft, used to be synonymous with business, making it unpopular among casual users. Yet it is not solely a business application; rather, it is an all-purpose communications app that can be used for business as well as pleasure. Naturally, it covers the basics: for example, voice communication, video conferencing, chat communication, and file sharing. The product is accessible on a desktop, as well as an iPhone and Android.

The most important thing about Skype is its features. Desktop plug-ins enable you to, for example, video and voice recording of calls. Moreover, it allows real-time language translation. They also offer to call other landlines; however at lower interstate costs. Therefore, although Skype might be viewed as a business-oriented app, it is a multi-purpose tool used for various purposes.



As long as you are looking for messaging apps apart from WhatsApp then Discord should be on your list of must-haves. It’s not just a messaging application, it has much more to offer.

Through Discord, you can visit different servers of specific interest to you. The product allows for things such as voice and video calls, and sharing files in the environment of friends, featuring unique one–screen sharing.

Discord gets very interesting by including different aspects where it integrates with other platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Spotify, Steam,, Reddit, and Xbox Live. You can have up to 10 members in one group or you can opt to have your server if you want more members.

When it comes to messages at a go, Discord is your best bet! On the other hand, there is only one drawback which is that, nowadays, Discord does not have a feature for backing up your data. It’s going to take you using a third-party app that will also entail manually exporting any data you wish to save.

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