how to change whatsapp phone number without losing chats

Changing your WhatsApp number is a straightforward process that allows you to keep your contacts and messages seamlessly. Wondering how to execute this process? Our comprehensive guide walks you through the steps.

Thanks to WhatsApp’s number change feature, you can switch to a new phone number without compromising your existing chats. Still, there are some key points to consider before starting a change. Make sure the new number is actively in use, and remember to only change the phone number, not the device.

If you are also planning to switch smartphones, follow the procedure to make a backup on your old phone and transfer it to the new device using the old mobile number. Our guide, prepared for our valued readers, provides detailed information on everything you need to know about changing your WhatsApp number. Without further ado, let’s look at the specifics.

How to change WhatsApp number

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Tap 3 dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the Settings option.
  • Select the account and then click on Change Number.
  • You’ll see a text in red that says, “Changing your phone number will”.
  • Tap the Next button located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter your old mobile number and your new mobile number. Once you have entered both numbers, press Next.
  • You will see a confirmation message to change your WhatsApp number.

You will also be asked if you want to notify your contacts about the change. Select which contacts you want to receive notifications from and tap Done.

Frequently asked questions

what happens if I change my number on WhatsApp?

Your account details such as name, profile information, and both personal and group chats will automatically move from the old number to the new phone number once you update your iPhone with a different number. Your WhatsApp contacts’ old account associated with your old phone number will be deleted hence it will no longer be visible on your WhatsApp contact list.

Will my contacts be lost if I change my WhatsApp number?

When you change your phone number on WhatsApp, you won’t lose your contacts because they are saved on your phone.

Who gets notified when I change my WhatsApp number?

On changing your WhatsApp number, you are prompted to select who should receive notifications. When you decide on a private option only selected individuals will be informed. Irrespective of whether you inform your contact list, your group chat is going to get an automatic notification on the change in the number.

Can deleted WhatsApp messages be recovered?

If you accidentally deleted WhatsApp messages, you can recover them by restoring data from the backup. On Android devices, you can restore messages from Google Drive or a local backup. On iPhone, you can restore messages from iCloud backup.

If I change my number, what will happen to my old WhatsApp number?

Once you update your WhatsApp number, your previous number won’t have any connection with your WhatsApp account and instead will turn into an inactive number. This means that:

  • The old number won’t appear as a contact for your contacts anymore.
  • It means that you will not have the privilege of using your old number to log in on WhatsApp anymore.
  • This means that you will not be reachable by message or call on your old number anymore.
  • Your previous phone number will disappear, but you will continue to have your chat data on your phone. This happens because WhatsApp saves your message histories in the local storage of your device.

Who sees the new number on WhatsApp?

If you are part of a WhatsApp group and change your phone number, group members will be automatically notified of your new phone number. During the transition, WhatsApp also offers to notify your existing contacts about the new number. However, if you do not use this function, you do not need to worry – unpopular old contacts will not be able to see the new number until they save it in their cell phone phone book. If you want to be sure, you can also block the contact.

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