how to increase snapchat score

Snapchat is one of the widely used social media and communication platforms in which various services are provided to users. Its uniqueness makes it popular among teenage people. Probably one of the most frequently asked questions about Snapchat is “How can I improve my Snap score?

Snap score indicates how much you have been active on Snapchat. This is based on the number of snaps sent and received plus the posts in a story and some secret components. Most Snapchat users are already familiar with the Snap Score concept, however new users or those that don’t understand the platform might ask what a Snap Score is and how to increase it.

Firstly, before we move ahead by considering Snap Score, we have to discuss what exactly Snapchat entails.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat was developed completely free of charge and managed to generate considerable interest among technology users in a short period. The main reason for this interest was that the platform offered an unusual way of communication. Platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger also provide instant communication options to their users. However, unlike these platforms, Snapchat has focused on communication with photos and videos since its launch.

The same logic applies to Snapchat which came into use later on in 2011. The technology started as a means for mobile phone users to send quick text messages to each other. Eventually, the authors planned that they would communicate through photographs and video files for it to stand out from other media platforms.

Naturally, Snapchat did not forget to improve its messaging feature and also look into communications via pictures and video clips. Therefore, at the time of developing the platform, it operated like a photo app for sharing texts, photos, and videos on the platform.

Since Snapchat allows users to add some effects while sending pictures and videos, it makes the platform more enjoyable for users. Snapchat has more types of features nowadays. Amongst them, the greatest one is Stories. Users can also share temporary photographs and videos with their friends and all participants through the service called “Stories.” Users have highly valued this aspect, which makes Snapchat a popular social platform today. Technology has gone a long way and now stories are available on multiple platforms, forming part of the lives of those using the new technologies.

What is Snap Score? Snapchat Score

The communication tool known as Snapchat primarily concerns itself with photos and videos. It comes with unique and exciting features for its users. Among these features, Snap Score is one.

Snap Score is a tracking service that keeps a record of how many Snaps or photos a particular user sends and receives on Snap Chat. It’s like a counter with which people can see, at any time, the total amount of photos, videos, and stories sent to each of their friends. Snap Score motivates users to be more active in their communication on this site.

Simply put, Snap Score is an indicator of a user’s level of activity on Snapchat. It provides a more fun way to track activities on the platform and compete with your friends.

A user’s active factor on Snapchat is measured by the Snap Score. There are many parameters including snaps sent and received, story posts, and others that determine the rating. The more active you are on Snapchat’s platform, the better your Snap Score will be.

If you want to see your Snap Score, simply open Snap Chat and tap on the icon located at the top left of the screen. Doing so will bring up your Snapchat which enables you to edit your profile settings. There will be a value next to your name and username that will appear under the Snapchat icon. Therefore, this number is your SNAP score of 4. Click on this value to find out the total number of Snaps you send and receive. Your SNAP score is calculated as a combination of the sum of these two statistics.

However, it’s important to note that no one but you, including other Snapchat users, can see the Snap Score.

How to increase the snap score?

You may want to know what you can do to increase your snap score. Snap Score is determined by measuring your activity level on Snapchat and counting snaps received and sent, posts in stories, and other parameters. Here are some tips to help increase your snap score:

Be more active on the platform: Your Snap Score depends on how many Snaps you share and receive. Thus, try to use Snapchat frequently and send snaps to your companions.
Share Public Stories: Stories you send, as well as photographs and videos you share with your friends, contribute to your Snap score. Therefore, public stories can help you increase your snap score.
Add more friends: Your Snapchat score is affected by the number of friends you have. Therefore, make sure you go out of your way and add more friends to the platform to increase your Snap score.
Send Snaps to Recommended Users: If you don’t know anyone who uses Snapchat, you’ll choose from the platform’s recommended people. To find your friends on Snapchat, you just click on the Add Friends option and then choose Add Nearby or Add Contact.
Send photos, videos, and stories to your friends: Similarly, you can increase your snap score by sharing photos, videos, and stories with your friends on this platform.

When uploading a large number of snaps, this is also another quick way to increase the snap score. Consider this – send a set of daily snaps to 5 friends on your list (without using private messages). Additionally, it speeds up your Snap Score as this number correlates with the amount of Snaps you send.

Do Snap Score Increasing/Booster Apps Work?

Some people are so concerned with their Snap Scores that they want to boost them immediately. However, the only means of increasing your Snap Score is by using the platform more actively; and, unfortunately, some people will not try to increase their scores by sending Snaps. This process takes a lot longer, especially for people with not many friends to increase their snap scores by sending snaps.

Some users in such situations might search for other means of increasing the scores. Nevertheless, while it may be tempting to use other apps that boost the Snap Score, it is advised against. These apps claim that you will quickly get more points to Snap Score and their program seems like a good way, but it is so dangerous to your Snapchat account and it could lead your Snapchat account to get hacked.

As such, it would be advisable to use the platform more actively because sticking to tried and tested methods of increasing the Snap Score will probably yield much better results. you will have the ability to do this by sending regular snaps to your friends, sharing the public story, adding new friends, and also sending pictures, videos, and the public story to your friends via the Platform.

You should remember, however, that this is not a very useful method since it includes apps of other parties. Some of the applications claim high increases in Snap score via their software while the vast majority of them do not work. For example, Snapchat has built effective security mechanisms that avoid gaining Snap Points through means other than the platform. However, as mentioned before, the true aim of such apps is not to boost your points but to get hold of sensitive details about you. Additionally, you will be required to provide your respective information to access such applications as Snaps or Snapchat.

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