How to send long videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world including India. Even though messaging apps like Signal and Telegram have become more popular in recent years, they still haven’t reached the level of WhatsApp.In India alone, nearly 40 crore users regularly use WhatsApp daily. This popular messaging app has end-to-end encryption.

Besides private and group chats, it has voice and video call features. There are also multimedia and document file transfer facilities. Users can also express their thoughts on WhatsApp through voice messages. In short, WhatsApp has given almost all the features in one app. And this app is loved by everyone from eight to eighty.

However, there are some limitations to using WhatsApp. Videos larger than 16MB or files larger than 100MB cannot be sent using this messaging app. Hence, this app is not ideal for sending photos and videos. However, there are other ways if you want to send a large video file or many pictures together in a zip file via WhatsApp. How to send How to send long videos on WhatsApp? Take a look.

The file size limit for videos in WhatsApp is 16 MB. But, there may be instances when you need to send a video larger than 16 MB. If you’re dealing with this situation, you’re in the right spot. Here, you’ll learn how to send videos larger than 16 MB on WhatsApp.

Ways to Send Large Videos on WhatsApp

How to Send Long Videos to WhatsApp Using Google Drive

Instead of sending long videos on WhatsApp, you can use Google Drive, a handy cloud service. It lets you save various files like audio and video in any format and share them easily. but there is a problem. Instead of sending the video directly, you share a link. The person you send it to can watch or send the video by clicking the link.

how to share long videos on WhatsApp via Google Drive:

Upload the video to Google Drive: Upload the video you want to send via WhatsApp to Google Drive.

Share the video: Open the file with the video and click the “Share” section at the top right. When you click here Google will ask you if you have given a name to the file you want to share. Assign a name to the file and click Save.

Copy the link: After saving, you will be shown a notification where you can copy the link. Next, click on the “Copy Link” section and copy the URL.

Send Link: Finally, send this link to the person you want to share it with on WhatsApp.

After completing these tasks, you will receive a long video via WhatsApp using Google Drive. Although we used Google Drive as an example, there are many other cloud services compatible with Google’s system.

Send long videos on WhatsApp with WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a useful tool for sharing large files with your friends. In the free version, you can upload files up to 2GB, and with the paid version, you can share files as large as 200 GB. Here’s a simple guide on how to send long videos on WhatsApp using WeTransfer:

First of all, go to the official website of WeTransfer.


Click the “Upload files” section and select the video you want to send.

After selecting the video, click on the “Get Link” section.

Please note: By default, WeTransfer is set to send files via email. To switch to the ‘get link’ option, click on the three dots on the bottom left side.

wetransfer 2

Copy the link and send it to anyone on WhatsApp.

Please note that using third-party apps can be risky as they may not be secure. It is always better to use a trusted app and read the privacy policy of the app before using it.

Send Long Videos on WhatsApp with Video Compressor Panda Resizer | Android

Video Compressor Panda Resizer is a free Android application that supports all video formats. This app compresses the video file you want to send on WhatsApp, reducing its size. To send a long video with the application you need to follow the following steps:

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android device.
  • Open the app and select the video you want to send.
  • Choose a compression size from 4 different options: Small File, Medium File, Large File, and Fit for Email.
  • Choose a compression preset that suits your needs.
  • After selecting this, compression of your video file will begin. On the next screen, you can see the panda animation.
  • Once the compression is complete, you can share the video directly from the app via WhatsApp with the person you want to send it to.

Please note that using third-party apps can be risky as they may not be secure. It is always better to use a trusted app and read the privacy policy of the app before using it.

Send long WhatsApp video as a document | Android

We will discuss a special method to send long WhatsApp videos on Android mobiles like Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, and General Mobile. You do not need any additional app for this method. Instead, you can send the video directly through the WhatsApp application, but to another source, as a document. Usually, when you select and send a video from the gallery, you are stuck at the 16 MB limit. However, in WhatsApp, tap the Additional icon and select the “Document (File)” option instead of “Gallery.” Now select your video from the list and send it. Your video will only appear as a document but will be viewable once it’s downloaded.

Unfortunately, there is a limitation to this method. Using this method you can send videos up to 100 MB in size on WhatsApp.

Send long videos with WhatsApp Web

If the size of your video is not too big, you can send your videos through WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web allows you to send video files up to 64 MB, compared to the 16 MB limit. So WhatsApp Web is a good option to send large videos on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web is also very easy to use.

To send large videos via WhatsApp Web, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the WhatsApp website by clicking on the following link:

Step 2: Open WhatsApp on your phone, tap Menu or Settings, tap Linked Device then tap link a device.

Step 3: Point your phone at the screen and scan the QR code. This will log you into WhatsApp Web.

Step 4: Open a new chat. Then click on the paperclip icon in the top right corner and then select Photos & Videos.

Step 5: Select the video you want to send. Once you have completed all the steps, you can share your long video with others.

If the size of the video file you want to send is larger than 64 MB, the message “1 video you want to add exceeds the 64 MB limit” will appear, and you will receive a warning. In such a situation, WhatsApp Web cannot help you. Therefore, you need to use a video size reducer program for WhatsApp.

why I can’t send a long video on WhatsApp?

The problem arises when you’re trying to send videos using WhatsApp. For example, they will tell you that you cannot send videos larger than 16 MB while in other instances, they seem like you can send videos of even 100 MB.

It would be somehow confusing to send WhatsApp videos because several times it tells you that videos above 16 MB are not supported, but then it allows sending videos up to 100 MB.

The length of video that can be sent via WhatsApp is 16 MB either on a PC, phone, or website. in this post, I will take a look at how to save Instagram stories. In this way, your video length should not exceed 90-180 seconds when it comes to its quality.

If you post a video as your WhatsApp status, it should be less than 30 seconds.

But here’s a trick: If you send a video as a document instead of a regular video, the limit increases to 100MB. WhatsApp also talked about sharing larger files up to 2GB, but that feature may not be available yet.

Compress the video:  You can use a video compression tool like Panda to compress the video. With this tool, you can make your videos smaller without sacrificing their quality. You can also trim the video and remove unnecessary parts using a video editing app on your phone.

Upload the video to a cloud storage service: You can upload the video to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link on WhatsApp. This method allows you to share large videos without compressing them.

Please note that it may take longer to upload and send long videos on WhatsApp if you have a slow internet connection. In such cases, we recommend connecting to Wi-Fi before sending the video.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to send a large video on WhatsApp without compressing?

Answer: In case your video exceeds the maximum allowed size on WhatsApp, either compress the video or use a cloud storage service. However, If your video does not exceed the maximum allowable size you can forward it through WhatsApp without compression.

What is the maximum video size for WhatsApp?

Answer: The maximum size of a video that one is allowed to send via WhatsApp depends on the quality and the device in question, but is approximately 16MB – 64MB. the videos in the form of documents have a 100MB limitation for sharing. In case the video you are sending is big, you could consider cutting it.

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