how to share location on whatsapp android & iphone

It makes it easier to share your live location with others in your daily interactions on WhatsApp. This helps in keeping appointments with friends, arranging plans, and informing loved ones about one’s safety.

Open a chat with a person or a group that you intend to share your live location. Click on the attachment button, choose “Location” and there you will see an option “share live location”. Select how long you will be sharing it for, whether it is 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours, then press send.

Worried about privacy? No need. With WhatsApp, your security is guaranteed as you choose who to share your live location with and for how long. Again, you may also turn off your live location from being shared for as long as possible.

It is a life changer, no more tiring follow-ups but just an easy fast-track reporting of real-time updates. Therefore, the next time you’re traveling or planning an event, please remember to share your live location on WhatsApp for easy convenience.

In WhatsApp, you can share your live location with other chat participants at any time on both Android and iPhone. This allows recipients to see where you are in real-time.

Follow these five steps to send your current location data to your contacts:

  1. In the WhatsApp application on your smartphone, open the chat of a person or group where you want to share your live location.
  2. If you are using an Android phone, tap the paperclip icon in the input field on the right. On the iPhone, you’ll see a plus sign instead.
  3. Now tap on “Location” and then “Share live location”. If you have not yet permitted WhatsApp to access your location data, the application will now ask you to do so in your phone’s system settings.
  4. Choose how long you want your location to be available in chat history and add a comment to the message if necessary. The running times are 15 minutes, one hour, and eight hours.
  5. Submit live location. All recipients of your message have immediate access to your current position.

If you wish, you can also stop sharing your live location early in WhatsApp. To do this, navigate to the respective chat message with which you transmitted your position and tap “Stop sharing”.

How to fix WhatsApp Live Location Not Updating

If your WhatsApp live location isn’t updating, then there may be something wrong with the app. Don’t worry, we will lead you through the steps to fix it.

You can share with WhatsApp not only a fixed location but also your live location, which is often useful for getting together with friends or finding each other. But there are moments when the live location appears to be stuck, and it won’t update. What can you do under such circumstances?

The problem may come from different places, and it is best to go through the checklist below for identifying and solving them.

All you have to do is turn on your Location Services so that you can share live locations. Unless you’ve turned this setting on, your Android or iPhone won’t share its live location. How to do it Here’s a quick guide.

Enable location services

Enable Location Services on iPhone

Step 1: On your iPhone, open the Settings app and scroll down to Privacy & Security.

enable location services on iphone

Step 2: At the top, tap on the first option that says Location Services.

enable location services on iphone 2

Step 3: To activate location services on your iPhone, just turn the switch at the top to On.

enable location services on iphone 3

If after doing so the Location Services still don’t work, then you can also search for how to fix this location services on iPhone.

Enable Location Services on Android

Step 1: On your Android phone, open the Settings app and scroll down to Location.

enable location services on android

Step 2: Turn the switch on to enable location services. If this is not working, you’ll find answers on how to resolve the location services problem in Android.

enable location services on android 2

Enable permission for WhatsApp

To share your location, there are different ways of doing it. One is via third-party apps. The app has to have the right permission to get to your location whenever it’s needed. Otherwise, you can’t share your live location accurately. This is how you set it up.

Enable permission on iPhone

Step 1: First, tap System Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to Privacy & Security.

enable permission on iphone

Step 2: Tap the first option at the top labeled “Location Services.”

enable permission on iphone 2

Step 3: Tap on the app you use to share your live location.

enable permission on iphone 3

Step 4: Set the setting for “Allow location access” to Always.

enable permission on iphone 4

Step 5: Further, turn on the switch next to “Precise location.”

enable permission on iphone 5

Enable permission on Android

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Android phone, and scroll down to Location.

enable permission on android

Step 2: Choose the “App permissions” option.

enable permission on android 2

Step 3: Locate the app through which you share your live location and tap on it.

enable permission on android 3

Step 4: Tap the option “Allow only when using the app“.

enable permission on android 4

Step 5: Moreover, check the toggle next to “Use precise location.”

enable permission on android 5

Enable mobile data

Apps like WhatsApp that allow you to coordinate and share your live location require the use of a data connection in real time. If you’re outside, provided only that your mobile data is turned on and functioning. Otherwise you won’t be able to update your live location.

Do not close the app in the recent apps tray

whatsapp running in background

If the app you are using to share your location quit working in the background, then obviously if it’s not running then how would you update live locations? But to keep the app running indefinitely, it’s not a good idea to quit out of its window on your recent apps tray.

Restart the app

If your app for sharing live location is somehow not working, there’s no need to worry! A quick solution to this problem is simply restarting the app. Simply close the app and swipe it out of recent apps in your phone’s storage.

Then, reopen the app and start sharing your location live. That should do the trick!

Try an alternative app to share live location

Do you have problems with the app you use to share your live location? If you think there is a problem with that specific app or method, try another one that does the same thing. There are many ways to share your live location for Android and iPhone. If one approach doesn’t suit you, try another app to do the task.

Is privacy safe with WhatsApp’s live location feature?

WhatsApp, tell that this feature is truly protected and no one can see our location in real-time or in the current time, except the people or groups with whom we share our location. They talk about WhatsApp security on their website if you want to learn more about this topic.

In any case, we can always remove the permission to block WhatsApp from accessing your location whenever you want. In this case, the app no ​​longer has the possibility of finding us in any way, but of course in this case we lose the functions that we mentioned above. To be able to delete the location in this app, all we have to do is go to Settings of our phone> Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions > and tap the app ( you want to revoke permission) > then choose don’t allow.

On the other hand, we must take into account that the location indoors can always be a little less accurate than usual since this is a function that requires the GPS of our device and the error rate is always a little higher indoors. Nevertheless, in most cases, the function is completely valid and today it is much easier to pass our location using a mobile device Apps like WhatsApp make it even a little more accessible to everyone with these options.

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