how to transfer whatsapp messages to new phone

Global smartphone sales are expected to reach 1.186 billion units in 2023. Smartphone usage is expected to increase over time and there can be no doubt about it. Many people prefer WhatsApp because it is a very convenient way to communicate online. Through it people can communicate with all kinds of people instantly After buying a new phone, you need to transfer data from your old iOS or Android device to the new device. It is very important to transfer WhatsApp chats. Transferring from iOS to iOS is easy, no problem, but from Android to iOS can be a bit complicated.

However, you must ensure that your new iPhone is brand new or has been reset before attempting to transfer your WhatsApp chats. Before kick-starting the transmission it is important to ensure that your Android and iOS devices are connected to the same WIFI network with a power source. You can use your iPhone as a hotspot to connect to other Android devices; However, you need to make sure that when moving to a new gadget, you transfer all your data in one piece without losing anything. If you are using WhatsApp service, we can help with this. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

When you buy a new cell phone, you still need to set it up. This includes installing missing apps and transferring data from an old device. If you use WhatsApp, transferring your chats is relatively easy in most cases. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your chats are not lost during the transfer. Special care should be taken if your phone number changes when switching to a new device.

WhatsApp backup function: This is how it works

When you buy a new mobile phone, you still have to configure it. It entails installing missing applications and moving data from the outdated device. Transfer of chats is usually straightforward when using WhatsApp for instance. However, some considerations to make include avoiding losing your chats during this process. However, when changing devices, you need to be very careful about your mobile or phone number.

how to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to iPhone

To transfer your WhatsApp chats from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, you should first create a backup of your chats. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open WhatsApp on your old iPhone and tap the “Settings” option located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • In the “Settings” menu, select “Chats.”
  • Tap on “Chat Backup” and select “Create Backup Now” to complete the process.

Your data is saved on Apple iCloud when backing up, so if you get a new device you may restore it. Please note that this shall be successful if you employ the same Apple ID in your iPhone.

Here are the next steps:

  • Install WhatsApp on your new iPhone.
  • Open the app and set up your account by entering your phone number and verifying with the code. (Note: This will log the old iPhone out of the account and you will no longer have access to the data.)
  • When you set up the app, it will automatically search for available backups. Follow the instructions to import a previously created chat backup.

Doing so enables you to effortlessly move your WhatsApp discussions from the previous iPhone to the contemporary one without any diminution in content.

how to transfer chats from Android to Android

You need to make a backup of your WhatsApp chats before trying to transfer them from an Android to another device. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android phone and tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap “Settings” and then select “Chats.”
  • Tap on “Chat Backup” and select “Back Up Now” to complete the process.
  • Once you create a backup, the data will be saved to Google Drive and can be restored to your new device.

Here are the next steps:

  • Install WhatsApp on your new device.
  • Open the app and verify your account with your mobile number. (Note: Devices older than this will lose access to the account.)
  • In the next step, you will have the option to restore data from the backup.
  • To do this, tap “Restore” and then “Next” to complete the process.

With this simple process, you will have no difficulty whatsoever to move these conversations into the new handset and none of it would be gone. If you have more queries let me know!

how to transfer WhatsApp chat from one number to another

If you have changed your cell phone number, it is important to update your WhatsApp account with the new number before changing devices. This will remove the link to the old number.

This is because mobile phone operators often reassign abandoned phone numbers, which can cause WhatsApp chats from the old number to appear on other people’s devices.

Follow these steps to update your mobile number in WhatsApp:

  • Back up your chats.
  • Update your WhatsApp account with the new phone number.
  • Install WhatsApp on your new smartphone and set up an account.
  • Import the backup to your new account.

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