how to turn on hotspot on android

Turning on a mobile hotspot with your Android phone is a convenient way to share your internet connection with other devices. It’s perfect for staying connected while on the move, whether you’re traveling, in a cafe without Wi-Fi, or your home internet is down. When you turn your Android phone into a hotspot, you can easily connect your laptop, tablet, or any other Wi-Fi-enabled device without any trouble. Setting up a mobile hotspot on your Android phone is simple, and once it’s done, you’ll have internet access wherever you go. Let’s walk through the step-by-step process of how to turn on a hotspot on an Android phone.

Connect your devices anywhere with the Internet easily with the help of your mobile phone and a hotspot. In this guide, we are going to tell you about how to create a hotspot on android.

When you’re out and about and need to get your laptop or tablet online, but can’t find any free Wi-Fi nearby. With the help of a Wi-Fi hotspot from your smartphone, you can easily take a bit of data and use it to work on other devices. By assigning a password, you ensure that only you or those who know the password can access your hotspot and use it. We’ll explain How to Create a Mobile Hotspot with an Android Phone.

Set up a hotspot on Android

Follow our step-by-step guide or watch the quick start guide.

1st step:

Open the ” Settings ” on your smartphone.


2nd step:

Next, tap on ” Connections“. On other devices, the mobile hotspot can also be found under ” Network & Internet ” or “Wireless & networks “.


wireless and network android

3rd step:

Now go to ” Mobile Hotspot & Tethering “.

Mobile Hotspot & Tethering

4th step:

Next, turn on “mobile hotspot“. some phones may have different settings in such cases tap on ” Set up Wi-Fi hotspot “.

Set up Wi-Fi hotspot

5th step:

To set a name and password for your Wi-Fi hotspot, tap Mobile hotspot then tap Configure and save.

Set up Wi-Fi hotspot android




Note: You only need to do this step the first time you set up the hotspot. Your settings will be saved as long as you do not make any changes.

You have created a mobile hotspot on your device. Make sure that your phone’s mobile data is on. Now, if you want to use another phone for the hot spot, turn on Wi-Fi first in this second device. Search for your hotspot name and enter the password you set at the establishment.

how to use mobile hotspot Android – Quick Start Guide

  • Go to ” Settings ” on your smartphone.
  • Touch ” Network & Internet ” or ” Connections “.
  • Select ” Mobile Hotspot & Tethering “.
  • Then tap on ” Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot “.
  • To configure your Wi-Fi hotspot, first touch ” Configure Wi-Fi hotspot “.
  • Then go to ” Network Name” if you want to customize the name of the hotspot on your phone.
  • Then enter the name and confirm with ” Save “.
  • In the field ” Password ” you define a secure password and then tap on ” Save “.
  • Check the box next to the network name of your Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to your devices by entering the password on the Internet.

How to set up a mobile hotspot USB android

To set up a mobile hotspot using your Android phone via USB, proceed as follows. Please note that not all Android devices support this feature:

  • Connect your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable.

  • Give your computer time to establish the connection–just a moment.

  • On your Android phone, open the Settings app.

  • Tap on the option “Network & internet”.

  • Find the setting of ” Hotspot & tethering” and choose it.

  • Enable “USB tethering”.

You can also switch on Bluetooth tethering using the same method, though be aware it’s much slower and therefore inferior to Wi-Fi or USB. If you still want to rely on Bluetooth, connect other devices with your tethering source in step one via Bluetooth instead of a USB cable. Screenshots of these choices are in the earlier sections.

we are sure by following our article about “how to turn on hotspot on android“, you are now familiar with it. If you have any questions about it feel free to write us.

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