Instagram action blocked – what to do?

Instagram action blocked
Instagram action blocked

You’ll get the message “Action blocked” on Instagram if you give too many likes too fast. This includes comments and other actions. We explain what you have to pay attention to, so that the message does not appear.

instagram action blocked fix

Instagram: action blocked – why?

Instagram will lock your account if you artificially perform many actions according to Terms of Use and Community Policies. This includes:

  • Artificially many likes.
  • Collecting artificially many subscribers or many shared content.
  • The repeated sharing of the same comment or the posting of always the same content.
  • Repeated contact with people for commercial purposes, without their consent.

Then there is the suspicion for Instagram that behind your account, no real human behavior hides, but the account was created for a specific (marketing) purpose. The behavior is simply too artificial or suspects a bot .

Instagram: “Block action” message

Follow these recommendations to avoid the Instagram message “Action Blocked”. They come from the developers of the plugin Elfsight :

  • Like-Limit: Not more than one Like every 28-36 seconds. A maximum of 1000 likes every 24 hours.
  • New People Limit: No more than one Like every 28-36 seconds and no more than 2000 followers every 24 hour. A maximum of 1000 followers every 24 hours.
  • Unfollow Limit: Not more than one unfollow every 12-22 seconds. Maximum 1000 unfollows every 24 hours.
  • Comment Limit: Not more than 12-14 comments per hour. Between the comments must be a time interval of 350-400 seconds.
  • Mention Limit: A maximum of 5 mentions per message within an interval of 350-450 seconds.
  • Publishing pictures: You should not publish more than 2-3 pictures per day on a new Instagram account. For older accounts, there are 9-12 pictures per day.
  • General action: Do not perform any further action for at least 36-48 seconds. No more than 500 actions within 24 hours.

These recommendations are especially for new accounts. If you’ve been active on Instagram for a while and have followers of your own, Instagram trusts you more.

Remove the blockage

Stop every action and wait about 3 hours. Under certain circumstances, the error message also shows you how long the blockage has lasted. Otherwise, it can take up to a week. If you still see the message, contact Instagram Support .

Keep in mind that these are recommendations. Instagram changes its policies at specific intervals.

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