Merge Dragons Hack Cheats Unlimited Gems

Merge Dragons Hack Cheats Unlimited Gems

Hello, welcome to Instantmad ! Are you having trouble getting more gems in Merge Dragons ? If so, this latest merge dragons hack and cheats can definitely help with this problem. If interested, keep reading and follow all the steps to make everything work and stay free. That’s how it works!

Are you trying to get diamonds or gems in Merge Dragons ? Unfortunately, diamonds are not completely free in the game. This makes it difficult and frustrating for most players. However, today we will discuss on this latest hack that has just been released. Find out more here. If you want to get more diamonds for free, read on and follow the steps.

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How do I get more gems in Merge Dragons?

You can get gems in Merge Dragons with cheats or hacks that work. However, it is rare to find a working one. I’ll review the latest Merge Dragons (released a few weeks ago) and this particular hack was initially shown to us and our team. I thought I would discuss it more below.

You can also find other tips on how to get more gems in Merge Dragons. We’ll link below the links that we thought would help.

Merge Dragons Hack Features

  • Undetectable , Anti-Ban Protection: Yes
  • Add resources to coins, gems, etc.
  • Tested and works flawlessly.

Does this site work on all devices?

Yes, this page introducing the Merge Dragons Hack should work on all devices. Also, make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection for the best results. If you have difficulty accessing the Merge Dragons Hack on one of your devices, you can try another device. Every device should work.

Merge Dragons Hack Proof

merge dragons hack proof

What Is Merge Dragons Hack and how does it work?

This specific hack for Merge Dragons is now available for all players. We have made sure that it works for our community. The next question! How does this hack or cheat work? Great question. However, we had to ask the developers (because we are not the developers of this hack).

The following Merge Dragons Hack is updated on the latest issue of Merge Dragons and you just need your email. (We will contact you afterwards to make sure you have done everything right). The next steps are very simple and easy to follow.

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Next, you can choose how many gems you want to receive. After that you have to wait a few seconds for everything to be processed (this step is automatic) to make your request. Everything from there should be very easy to follow. However, if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment below. We will do our best to respond immediately.

More about Merge Dragons cheats and hacks

Other cheats for Merge Dragons can be found here on web , but this particular cheat and hack we discuss in this post is recommended if you want more gems in the game. These resources in the game are not completely free, so players usually look for cheats that work. I do not think there are any working cheats or APKs for Merge Dragons, but we’ll let you know if we find any working ones.

If you have trouble accessing this latest Merge Dragons Hack , contact our team. We will do our best to help you. You just have to make sure to follow every step. If there is a video, you should definitely see the full video in the game (how to get your gems for free). There are certain steps that may be complicated. If you have any questions or need assistance, leave a comment or contact us through our contact form for one of our team members for assistance.


If you have not played or already have Merge Dragons, here are some tips and tricks you might want to know about playing the popular puzzle game.


What you should know about the heart is that you do not have to use it properly when you get it. The hearts that you create are called the essence of life. You do not have to use it after you receive it because putting together the options is a more viable tactic or strategy. Matching three of these items gives you a much more helpful sphere of life. Life orbs are much more effective when it comes to their healing properties. Note: When balls of life merge, they also receive stronger healing powers.


Yes, actually merging five objects is better than merging three objects. You can compare every object that sees. Simple merges that use three elements can sometimes be worthwhile. However, matching five elements is very useful. When three objects match, get an item. If five objects match, get a bonus article for your efforts. This process can help your articles improve faster. Some of the items that you can bring together include coins, stone bricks, gate stars, dragon stars, dragon stones, treasure chests, etc.


Harvesting and destroying Dragons Birthing Dragons is done by assembling three eggs. When creating a dragon, elements come from creating it. Dragons are great for healing random parts of Dead Land. Here’s the process of crafting. By merging three eggs, you can get a new dragon, which in turn will provide an item that can be used for further matches, and so on. You can double-tap on an item to quickly send a dragon to harvest or simply destroy it ,


Bringing dragons together means that the higher level dragons are usually faster, can do more work and are worth more kite power, which can unlock more land. It is definitely worth bringing three dragons together to create a more powerful kite. But while interacting with your camp, you can also choose to merge dragons. Just make sure you have three or more kites ready. Use Dragon Eggs to eliminate the fog that plagues your land and give it more space.

Use your kites fast!

In the camp you can use your kites to harvest objects as you normally would. However, unlike the normal levels, dragons in your camp have stamina and spend it when they reap something. Early in the morning, your baby dragons will not be so energetic that after a few harvests, they will have to retire and retire to their nests to rest.

If you plan to do something in your camp, then you should do it fast! If left alone too long, dragons will start to harvest things themselves. Brambles, life flowers, whatever – if it’s there, they’ll eventually succeed. They will spend all their stamina on it, so make sure you command them immediately.

Do not waste your treasures!

If you come to your camp, you will probably already be near your gold star cap, which is 100 gold. Be sure to spend some of it immediately, as you will be able to regain this very quickly by finding coins in the levels. Once you reach level 7, you can build the structures that increase your maximum gold cap.

Do not forget the timed treasure chests! During the reward selection at the end of a level, you will automatically receive a timed treasure chest. You can only hold up to three, and you have to wait several hours to open. They contain coins, plants and sometimes dragon eggs.

However, if you hit a level and already have three chests, the additional chest disappears. If you’re waiting for a chest to open, why not take a break from the game and come back when it’s done?

That’s all for Merge Dragons. If you have more tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below


If you have not played Merge Dragons yet, you’re definitely missing. Released by Gram Games Limited, Merge Dragons is a popular puzzle game where dragon legends, magic, quests and a secret land of mystery can be discovered.

Combine eggs to hatch helpful dragons and develop them to create even more powerful dragons! Solve tricky puzzles: Combine the Gaia statues to win and bring the rewards to your camp.

If you want to see more tips and cheats for Merge Dragons , please let us know by leaving a comment below! If you want to add or request something here, please contact our Team. We hope that you like Merge Dragons with our tips and strategies. Do not forget to follow US on Facebook for more updates.

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We hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it can help you get more gems in Merge Dragons. Here we provide additional tips and cheats for Merge Dragons, which can also be accessed with the latest Merge Dragons Hack. You can accept future newsletters and updates for Merge Dragons hacks and cheats after completing all the steps on the Merge Dragons page. If you can not find a working link for the latest Merge Dragons hack, leave a comment and we will try to update the post. I hope you enjoy playing Merge Dragons with more gems in the game!

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